Air Conditioner Maintenance

Maintenance For Only $93

Our HVAC specialists use smart technology to identify air conditioner problems before they graduate into sudden and costly malfunctions.

We clean your inside coil, clean the pan, condensate line, clean outside coil, check gas pressures, change air filter and thermostat batteries. Check and look for any future problems. Our goal is to keep you up and working as cost free possible.

You’ll save time and money, enjoy more reliable operation, peak energy efficiency and lower running costs, along with healthier air quality, optimum cooling capacity, superior de humidification, lower sound levels, and longer air conditioner service life.

The advantages are immeasurable when you trust the experts from Climate Control Cooling & Heating.

To get the maximum benefit and value from your HVAC systems, regular maintenance is an absolute necessity. Without it, you’re going to pay more for inferior comfort. There’s simply no way your cooling system can manage the Naples Florida heat, year after year, without some professional care. When you trust the upkeep of your equipment to an HVAC contractor, you want to know you’re getting the most knowledgeable and highly trained technicians.

We stand behind all of our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We can maintain your air conditioner once or twice per year

Our A/C Maintenance includes:

  • Run A/C diagnostic for all electrical components
  • Clean and check A/C drain tube and pan
  • Clean Cooling Coils
  • Check Freon levels and A/C pressure
  • Vacuum out any debris
  • Check thermostat and change batteries
  • Replace A/C filter

* We recommend service on your air conditioner twice per year, every year!

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